What We Do

  1. 25 years IT & Network (Telecommunications too) Architecture Design, Purchasing, and Procurement
  • 10+ years Cybersecurity: Governance, Risk, and Compliance; Staff Training Cybersecurity Awareness & Technology Training & Certifications
  • All things Websites: Domain Names, Cloud Hosting, Design, SEO, SEM, Facebook, Google, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter
    1. Process Automation: Research, Design, Presentation, Implementation
  • Business Plan Strategies: Formation, Startup, Correction, Exit Strategies

Your Coach

Serving visionaries across the globe, making visions come to life.

Projecting to Reality

Guidance through the development of your vision to reach the goal.

Experienced Researchers

Professional experience in knowing where and how to distill unknowns.

imagine : Your Vision : The Goal Foretold

Wisdom seeks experienced counsel, proper planning.

Required for success.

We guide you to bring your vision to reality.

Make It Plain

Do you have a Vision?

Make It Plain upon Tables... We start with articulating your vision, developing the end goal. While this initially appears to be a game, it is a critically important piece.  Major league sports goes in to a game with the end in mind - which is WINNING the game!  Same applies to you and your vision. 

Business Plan MBA works with many systems." For the immediate stages of development,

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Getting Down To Business

Monthly Mentoring

1 Hour (2 x 30 Minute Sessions)


Per Month

  • Additional Hours Based on Availability
  • Pre-Scheduled Required
  • General Mentoring
  • Full Scope Expertise Subject Matter

Organizational Training

30-Minute In-Person Seminar


Per Each

  • Up to 60-Minutes with Q&A Session
  • Cybersecurity Awareness
  • Technology Briefing (Post Subject Research)
  • Innovative Development Ideas


25 Hours over 3 Days


Per Bootcamp

  • 25 Hours To Complete Business Plan
  • MBA Theory, Research & Methodologies
  • Executive Retreat (Post Grad Applied Theory)
  • Schedule an Appointment for Needs