About Us
About Us

Business Plan MBA is a collaborative group of Business Owners who have weathered the storms and challenges of business, who have dedicated time and resources to training, continuing education and have completed an MBA or equivalent level graduate program - Masters Degree minimum. 

Ultimately our goal is to provide you with qualified and proven mentoring, coaching that is capable of helping you get your thoughts organized and an actionable plan implemented.  

Meet The Owner

Joseph Boyd, DBA(ABD), MBA
Founder / Owner

Joseph started with opening a computer sales and repair shop in the year 2000 after having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Government with a concentration in Public Administration.  After 10 years of operating his first business, Joseph enrolled in an MBA program at King University in Bristol TN.  After the MBA program, ongoing studies and certifications of varied types developed from Insurance, Private Investigator, Digital Forensics Investigations, Real Estate Agent, Cybersecurity and Post Graduate Studies in Computer Information Security

Always Studying: Joseph can be found on Duolingo studying a foreign language with an ongoing daily streak of over 3 years to date.